Besten forex moving average Strategie

besten forex moving average Strategie

open transaction is from 1 day to several weeks. The fact of the average breakthrough always warns about changing trends. While moving averages EMA(8 EMA(12) and EMA(24) are moving above EMA(72 the trend is considered "bullish" and we only open the deals to buy. Since no additional indicators are used, the take-profits are usually placed according to the terms of money management. EMA(8-12-24 in a downtrend upwards, in an uptrend downwards). Application of the strategy for h1 in trading. The principle of strategy operation and basic requirements.

Set of, moving, averages : Classical Strategy for h1

besten forex moving average Strategie

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The third method of entry (risky for the lazy). Timeframe to search for an entry point is M30, to trade. The optimal set of exponential moving averages allows to successfully filter the market without the use of oscillators. Practical application of the strategy over 2014 gave 727 profitable trades and only 59 unprofitable. Important: the stronger the main trend, the smaller the rollback will. We have similar rules for a downtrend. Trading-stop of the open position allows to pull the long trend to a maximum, and for the most reasonable exit of the transaction you can use the moment of crossing the EMA(12) line by EMA(24) in the opposite direction. We believe that in this set of indicators: EMA(72) shows the main direction, or a three-day trend (24x3 EMA(24) keeps track of the general daily dynamics, filtering the market noise within the day, and is considered basic in the evaluation of the breakthrough strength before. The first entry method (conservative EMA(8 EMA(12) and EMA(24) are located above (to buy) or below (to sell) the main EMA(72 the price rolls back to an average EMA(12) or EMA(24). Quick averages act as dynamic support and stop levels.

Besten forex moving average Strategie
besten forex moving average Strategie

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