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and growth. Retrieved October 14, 2012. Federal Communications Commission 's Universal Service Fund under the "Assurance Wireless Brought to You by Virgin Mobile" brand. In a report Monday, Oliver Nugent, commodity strategist at ING, said that he thinks its only a matter of time before gold prices push past 1,400 an ounce as markets are underpricing rising inflation risks. 11 Return to wireless edit In 1993, Sprint acquired Centel, allowing Sprint to provide local service in a total of 18 states, putting them back in the wireless market. Clear edit Main article: Clearwire clear was the brand of mobile broadband services offered by Clearwire Corporation, which was acquired by Sprint Nextel in July 2013. On February 26, 1992, United Telecommunications adopted the nationally recognized identity of its long-distance unit US Sprint, changing its name to Sprint Corporation, due in large part to the increased brand recognition as a result of the successful Candice Bergen "Dime Lady" advertisement campaign.

"With WiMax, Sprint Cuts the Cord in Baltimore". Missing or empty title ( help ) Ziegler, Chris. This portion of the network was obtained by AT T during the merger of Alltel and Verizon Wireless. That new prepaid business for the anti-power user crowd that Sprint was fixing to launch? End users do not receive a bill, nor are they required to sign a contract, and do not pay activation fees, recurring fees, or surcharges. 64 Sprints LTE services in the 2500 MHz band are marketed as " LTE Plus ". The acquisition closed on October 20, 2005. Sprint is also the mobile sponsor of NBC's forex balikbayan box-tracking The Voice.

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